CDC Parachutes

I have a ton of CDC on my hands right now from the past duck hunting season. All this CDC has led to some experimenting, and lately I’ve been playing around with CDC dubbing loop hackle. I tied these two parachutes using a CDC fibers in a dubbing loop in place of the standard chicken hackle. It can be a little tricky to get the “hackle” to behave, but I’m pretty happy with the results. These guys should work pretty well on the flat water where the trout demand a little more realistic fly.

cdc parachute tied with a cdc dubbing loop hackle

Hook: #16 Mustad Signature Series fine wire dry fly hook
Thread: Olive 8/0 UNI
Tail: Lemon wood duck
Body: Gray “Adams” superfine dubbing
Post: Fibers from a brown wood duck breast feather
Hackle: Natural gray CDC fibers in a dubbing loop


Hook: #16-22 Mustad Signature Series dry
Thread: Olive 8/0 UNI
Tail: Barred mallard flank over cream, gray, or blue dun antron
Body: Olive micro tubing
Post: Cream or blue dun antron
Hackle: Natural gray CDC fibers in a dubbing loop
Thorax: Olive hare’s ear dub with a little bit of Ice Dub 


Tight Lines,





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  1. Nice fly, Connor. Being able to use a dubbing loop to bind materials to a hook is an art — its fun too! Glad to see you aren’t afraid to try it out with CDC.


    1. Paul-

      Thanks. It is fun to play around with different materials, especially CDC. I am really excited to try them out on some Driftless streams!


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