Day 5- Tricos!

I was on the river at 8:30 this morning. I hiked downstream from the bridge to a pool that had a slow tailout, which looked perfect for dries. I was nymphing without luck when I noticed a swarm of tricos hovering above the river! The spinners were not falling yet, so I quickly rigged up a bushy hivis dry followed by one of the female tricos I got on Saturday. The fish started to rise a few minutes later. There were two midstream feeders holding behind a rock, rising unpredictably. Two trout were sipping bugs practically on the bank. I drifted my flies over the midstream fish. No takers. I then tried for the ones on the bank. It was a little tricky to get a drag free drift and an accurate cast, but after a few attempts I finally got a good one. A fish gently sipped the fly. I missed it! Threw it back out. I missed it again!!! It was really hard to let the fish close its mouth on such a tiny fly. A while later I hooked a little brook trout, but he popped off.¬† I had about an hour of spinner fall to fish. While I didn’t land any trout, just getting them to eat in this hatch was exciting. It was an amazing weekend to be on the water. We didn’t break any records, but had tons of fun fishing.

Tight Lines!


Day Three-Chocolate Milk

Braden and I tried fishing the same run under the bridge first thing in the morning, but the fish were rising to something very small and wanting nothing to do with our flies. A generous fly fisher gave us some tricos, but by the time breakfast was over the fish had stopped rising. Dad and I drove to an easement, but the thunder drove us home before we could even set up. The rain returned and didn’t stop. The river was already a little high and muddy, and with the addition of the pouring rain, I pictured a blow-out and an end to our fishing for the weekend. All of us were seriously bumming. When the rain stopped, we anxiously crawled out of our shelter and walked to the river. It was chocolate milk! I could only hope for fishable water as I climbed into my sleeping bag. An unexpected surprise awaited us in the morning.

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