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Flies For Smallmouth – Murray’s Strymph

After a long, wet spring full of high water here in Minnesota, summer’s low, clear water and hot bronzeback fishing has finally set in. Here is one of my top flies for summer smallmouth bassin’ – Murray’s Strymph. As the name implies, it is a crossover of a streamer and a nymph. It is deadly both dead drifted like a nymph or stripped like a minnow through a fishy hole.

The Strymph was created by Virginia smallmouth expert Harry Murray. It’s a great pattern for wary summer smallmouth in low, clear water. Small stream bronzebacks like them tied in #8 to #12; their big water cousins like them a little larger. I’ve had a lot of success this past season fishing a black strymph tied on a small streamer hook. The smallmouth love them!

Murray’s Strymph

Hook: #4-12 streamer
Thread: Black 6/0 UNI
Tail: Ostrich herl (I like mine with a few strands of root beer Krystal flash)
Body: Black, olive, or cream rabbit fur in a dubbing loop, tapered to a fat head
Hackle: Brown or black hen soft hackle

Tie up a few and next time you find low, clear water this summer tie one on – you won’t be disappointed.

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