pike monkey

Pike Monkey

This is a brand-new fly that I whipped out of the vice, hoping to try it on some pike at the cabin. I call it the Pike Monkey!

Pike Monkey

The Pike Monkey

Here’s how to tie it…..

Hook: #4 Mustad Big Game
Tail: Bunny zonker, 1 plume of marabou, a generous amount of Flashabou
Body: Palmered bunny zonker
Wing: Rubber legs
Head: spun deer hair

You can experiment with the colors and I think the crazier the better! I’m super excited to fish it on opener! If I can wait ’till then! :D

Here are a few pics of pike I caught on a fly…

16" I caught last fall

Smaller one

I caught both of them on a Flash Bugger.

Tight Lines,



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