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Gilbert Special Streamer and Llama Fur

Gilbert Special

The Gilbert Special

I tied this streamer for a friend who kindly gave us some fur from his pet llama, Gilbert, earlier this spring. He doesn’t fish, so I decided to tie up a hair wing with a little squirrel tail and lemon wood duck, both of which I hunted last fall. I used the llama as dubbing on the body and a nice underwing and throat on the streamer. As you might have seen from earlier blogs, I’ve been using this stuff quite a bit and absolutely love it. It has some wicked action in the water, almost like bucktail, but much more supple and flowing. The fur has enough bulk to still push plenty of water, yet still quivers enticingly because of it’s finer nature. It has been awesome in my bass streamers this season. I’ve used it on my Meat Whistle collars and in place of bucktail for a deadly clouser minnow. I’m really excited to keep tying and experimenting with it in different flies this winter.

We just got back from a weekend of tossing flies at wild Driftless browns, so expect a full report sometime in the near future. Duck and archery season is only a few weeks away, and I’m getting really pumped to chase some early season woodies and bucks!

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