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How To Tie a Hare and Copper Nymph

The Hare and Copper has become one of the “super flies” of my nymph box. This New Zealand pattern is very popular over there for good reason. This is a great fly for beginners to tie because of its simplicity. I like to fish them as a searching pattern with a tiny pheasant tail or midge larva dropper under an indicator.

Hook: #8-16 nymph
Thread: Black 8/0 Uni Thread
Bead: Gold brass or tungsten
Tail: Brown hen hackle fibers
Body: Hare’s ear dubbing, tied very spiky
Rib: Gold copper wire

Step 1

1. Tie in the thread and bring it to the back of the hook.

Step 2

2. Measure a clump of hen hackle fibers to about half the length of the hook shank. Wrap over the fibers to the bead and trim the excess.

Step 3

3. Tie in the wire at the bead and wrap over it to the back of the hook.

Step 4

4. Apply dubbing wax to the thread. Touch dub with hare’s ear dubbing. Part of this fly’s effectiveness is due to the fact that it is very spiky, so do not tighten the dubbing too much.

Step 5

5. Wrap the dubbing to the bead. If the fly looks really wild right now, thats okay, the wire will help.

Step 6

6. Bring the wire forward in spiralling even wraps. Counter wrapping will increase the durability of the fly. Tie off the wire with around five tight wraps.

Step 7

7. Helicopter off the wire by violently rotating it in circular movements above the hook shank. This gives you a nice clean break-off and minimal thread cutting from the sharp tag.

Step 8

8. Touch dub another section of thread for the collar.

Step 9

9. Form a lose collar with the dubbing to cover up the wire tag and the thread.

Step 10

10. Whip and clip. Completed Hare and Copper nymph.

Tight Lines!



Noah’s Minnow

The Noah’s minnow will catch largemouth bass, huge sunfish, perch, crappie, and trout. You can either fish it by doing three strips and a pause, one long strip and a pause, or just strip it in. Overall this fly is a great addition to anyone’s trout, bass, or panfish box.

Hook: 6-12 wet
Tail: Marabou
Body: The rest of the marabou plume from the tail, wrapped to form a body
Eyes: Black bead chain or dumbell

Step 1

1.First tie in your thread and wrap it to the end of the hook shank.

Step 2

2. Then measure your marabou the size of the hook shank and tie it in.

Step 3

3.Next take the marabou plume from the tail and wrap it 3/4 of the way up and tie it down. Clip the excess.

Step 4

4. Finally tie in bead chain or dumbell eyes, whip finish, clip, and catch some fish.

Tight Wraps,


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