3 Brothers Flies offers quality hand-tied flies, ice flies, and jigs that catch fish, not just fishermen.  Many of the flies featured are signature patterns that we have designed to fish waters both local and abroad. Fly fishing is one of our huge passions, and we know the awesome moment and excitement of watching a trout delicately rise and sip our dry fly. We love casting hair jigs for bass way back in the lily pads, or chasing slab crappies on a Minnesota lake. In these moments, we need a fly or jig that’s effectiveness is equal to our passion for fishing. Tied right here in Minnesota, all our flies are tied to be very durable and withstand lots of fish.


If you don’t see a fly you need, or want a custom fly or jig, just click the contact button or shoot us an email at and we will work with you to figure out the perfect fly or jig for your situation.

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