Hare’s Ear

The Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear (GRHE) needs no introduction. For many anglers it is a staple in their nymph boxes. Here are some different variations.


Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear

The original. We added hen hackle fiber legs and used hen hackle for the tail. Still catches tons of fish…..
Tail: Brown hen hackle
Abdomen: Hare’s ear dubbing
Rib: Gold wire
Wing Case: Mottled hen or turkey wing slip
Thorax: Hare’s ear dubbing, picked out
Step 1: Make a few turns of copper wire around the shank. Start your thread in the wire and wrap to the bend.
step 2
Step 2: Measure the hen hackle fibers to be half the length of the hook shank. Tie in the tail and bring your thread to the wire.
step 3
 Step 3: Tie in the copper wire behind the eye and bring the thread to the tail.
step 4
Step 4: Dub a spiky abdomen.
step 5
Step 5: Wind the rib forward and tie in the wingcase
step 6
Step 6: Dub the thorax.
step 7
Step 7: Tie in a clump of hen hackle fibers on the near side of the hook. Pull them forward so they extend just past the wingcase. Clip the excess. Repeat on the other side.
step 8
Step 8: Pull the wingcase forward and tie off. Clip the excess and build a neat thread head. Whip and clip. Go catch some fish!

Hare and Copper

A popular New Zealand pattern. My go to nymph. Tie this one very spiky.
Hook: #8-18 nymph
Bead: Copper
Tail: Brown hen hackle fibers or pheasant tail fibers
Rib: Gold copper wire
Body: Hare’s Ear dubbing
Hare and Copper

Frost Bite Hare’s Ear

Hook: #8-20 nymph
Bead: Copper
Tail: Brown hen hackle
Abdomen: Hare’s ear dubbing
Wing bud: Cream antron yarn
Thorax: Gray UV Ice Dubbing

Frost Bite Hare's Ear







Hare’s Ear Soft Hackle

Hook: #8-18 nymph
Thread: Black
Tail: Brown hen haclke
Body: Hare’s ear dubbing
Rib: Gold copper wire
Wing: Brown hen quill
Hackle: Brown hen



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