Cdc BWO Comparadun

The Cdc Bwo Comparadun is great for imitating small mayflies and midges. Often the only thing a trout will take when rising to midges is a well presented tiny cdc pattern. The cdc gives it a good silhouette and lots of movement. It is durable and relatively easy to tie, and you can crank out a bunch of these in a half hour. Tie them in a variety of colors to match your local midge and mayfly hatches. It fooled plenty of trout for me on a trip to the Ozarks, including a 16″ rainbow. Ok, enough talk, here’s the recipe:

Hook: #16-20 dry

Thread: Black 8/0 UNI

Tail: Grizzly hackle fibers

Body: Olive superfine dubbing

Wing: Natural gray cdc, tied comparadun style

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