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  1. wow, i really love your page, hope you enjoy the eggs i sold you guys and hopefully they all hatch, got a chance to use the flies you gave me, they worked out great on haycreek the other morning, thanks, i will keep in touch, by fall my genetic hackle chickens will bee laying again and will be available as soon as my incubator becomes full if you are intrested, thanks again guys

    1. Thanks! We will enjoy the eggs! I’m glad that the flies worked for you. We’re excited to use the feathers!


  2. Went out this weekend and took the Rainbow Streamer. Didn’t think it would produce with water clear and low normal. Just wanted to see it in the water. Went to a hole that still held decent water with an undercut bank. Thought it looked great and on the second cast so did a 19 1/2″ Brown. Off course, no camera. Couple of casts later something that had USS Salmo on both flanks ripped into it. Looked like a pig with fins! After several minutes of him motoring around the pool, this monster Brown sawed my tippet off on an underwater ledge. Now to the gist of this message- can I buy a couple of these streamers? You said you weren’t making them for sale, at least, presently, so call it a donation, whatever, but this streamer is “off the hook”, and I can only dream about what it might produce with a heavier tippet when spring comes with higher discolored water. If you can’t make them could you tell me how you tie them? I don’t do much tying, but have a friend who, like yourself, does a great and creative job of it. Thank you for two great fish. Bill Brown PS Won’t leave the camera in the truck next time.

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