When the bite is on, night fishing for crappies can be some of the most fun you can have on the ice. Big schools of fish will roam the flats, eager to feed in the low light. Grandpa joined us for a night of chasing crappies on a local Minnesota lake that we never fished before. We set up on a little “bump” over 20 feet of water, and the sonar marked fish right away suspending eight feet off the bottom. The night started slow, but quickly turned into a successful trip. Grandpa landed the first fish, a solid 9″ papermouth. He definitely had the hot jig of the night, landing six slab crappies in the ten inch range in an hour, the largest pushing 11 inches. All came on a small pink horizontal tungsten jig tipped with a waxie. Oddly, the rest of us didn’t even get a bite fishing other colors and sizes at the same depth sitting only two feet away. I’ve had similar experiences in the past with crappies at night. For whatever reason, the fish will key in on small pink jigs and they will outfish any other color or size.

11 inches of slab crappie

Tight lines,


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