Month – October 2012

The Deer Woods

I love this time of year in the woods. A lot of the leaves have dropped, and there is a nice chill in the air. Hunting season is here, and deer opener is right around the corner. The fishing is pretty good too. This weekend we headed up north to check on deer stands for a possible deer hunt. We walked miles of old logging trails through deep woods searching for grouse and squirrels. The grouse are on the low end of their cycle, so by this time of the season the few birds around are pretty smart and wary. I shot one red squirrel, and we flushed two grouse way out of range in front of us. I also got a chance to do some fishing. I caught a few small bluegills while fishing for bass. Even though we didn’t get much action, it was great to be in the woods. The scenery is great this time of year. I’ll let the pictures do the talking…..

Lots of old logging trails to walk

A few small bogs in the valleys broke up the dense woods...

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