9-29…Wood Ducks

The canoe glided into the bog. Andrew and I threw a bag of decoys among the lily pads as the rest of the crew did the same around the corner. We pulled the canoe into the cattails and set up our blind. I could hear mallards quacking in the distance.

The duck blind is an awesome place to be at the crack of dawn on a cold fall morning. Today it was hot with bluebird skies, far from ideal duck hunting conditions, which made things tough. We had a few shots around sunrise, and I managed to connect on a beautiful drake wood duck, but that was it for the day, besides a few coots.

Wood ducks are just awesome, fully reflecting God’s glory. I’ve never shot a drake woody before, so I was pumped to get one. He had some beautiful lemon wood duck flank, and a bunch of great feathers that I’m very excited to use for flies.

A great drake

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