Today Grandpa, Noah and I fished a few local trout streams that we hadn’t fished before. First stop was a small creek that has a native population of brook trout. There aren’t too many holes or fish here, and you have to walk a lot, but I managed to catch one small brookie on a Pink Squirrel and LDR another. The thermometer measured 58 degrees on this overgrown, narrow creek. We fished a good chunk of stream and oddly, didn’t even see any more trout. After that, we checked out a stream that supposedly has some rainbows. We fished some sweet looking holes for about an hour without seeing any trout. The stream temp read around seventy degrees, which is at the high end of what trout can tolerate. The river was wide and slow for the most part, with a few riffles and deep holes mixed in. All we caught were chubs in this marginal trout stream. Tough day, but still fun to get on the water.

Brook trout stream

Where are the fish?

Stream #2 - big water

Sweet hole

Trout-less riffle

Braden is fishing the Driftless Area right now, so look for a (hopefully) trout-filled report in the next couple of days.

Tight Lines,



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