Small Stream Bronzebacks

Fly fishing for smallmouth bass is really fun. Especially when you’re not sure what’s in the river and you hook into one. This was the case on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning up at the lake. We were fishing the North Crow River in Central Minnesota. I walked down to the stream and tied on a Braden’s Crayfish, but soon found out that it was much to big for the majority of the fish in that river. So, I quickly switched to a mini DNA clouser minnow. I waded up stream a ways with no luck. Then….bang, he was on! Only a few seconds later…..The river was very clear and great for wading. There were a bunch of riffles where the fish could hide, but the fish that we caught were in the deeper pools. Conner ended up with only one. He had a 10 incher on but with four jumps it threw the fly. I caught two, one so tiny that the fly barely fit in his mouth! It’s amazing how aggressive these fish are.

 Tight Lines,


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