A Glimpse of Trout

Dad and I snuck out for a few hours tonight after dinner on the same river we fished last week with Grandpa. The night was perfect for trout fishing. The sky was overcast, and there wasn’t any wind to mess with casting. High and muddy water greeted us rudely at the end of the trail. It was going to be a tough night. At the first spot Dad hooked a small brown on his indicator rig, but the popped off after a brief moment. The high water made it tough to figure out where the trout were sitting. It was hard to tell where the good pools and riffles were, the water just blew it out of proportion. Still fishable but not easy. Thats trout fishing for you. The density of trout in this river is low, making even perfect water conditions a little tricky to find the fish. However, if you do find them you might get rewarded with a huge fish. I spent the night walking from pool to pool, loosing more flies than I care to remember. The wood is great for the fish, but not the angler. Saw a lot of new water, and found some holes to go back to. No trout in the net at the end of the night, but thats okay. It was a great night to be on the river.

Our camping plans were cancelled because of the rain, but we should get out this weekend to a local lake for some bass.


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