Month – April 2012

4-24….A New Stream

The stream we fished today has undergone heavy habitat improvement by the DNR and TU in the past couple of years. The river has a small wild population of trophy trout, with some monsters up to thirty inches! Thirty years ago, there were no trout at all in this stream due to development and poor land management practices, but now the trout have returned and are even reproducing. This shows just how important organizations such as TU can be. Almost all the stream is protected by special catch and release regulations. The stretch that we fished was part of a big project by TU that rechannelized about a mile and a half of stream that was previously a ditch. As you can see in the picture they did a great job.

There were tons of midges and caddisflies in the air, but oddly enough there weren’t any fish rising. Grandpa and I didn’t get any action with our nymphs, but Braden hiked upstream and caught a big 16″ brown on a #14 hare and copper. This is the biggest brown so far this season. It is really cool to see all that habitat improvement at work. It is a new stream.

The picture doesn't do the fish justice

After the river, we headed to a pond in search of some bluegills. It was Grandpa’s birthday today, and he caught a bunch of fish. Didn’t catch anything big, but it was still fun.

Lots of places for trout to hide

Tight Lines!


Easter Fly Tying

Some hatches that have popped off the vice recently:

“Red Hot Chili Bomber”

Red Hot Chili Bomber

Hook: #16 dry
Thread: 6/0 red UNI
Tail: Moose body hair
Body: Tying thread
Wing: White deer hair or calf tail, tied ausable bomber style
Hackle: Grizzly

A (big) Ausable Bomber variation tied for small stream brook trout.


Greedo BWO

Hook:#18-22 nymph
Thread: Olive 6/0 UNI
Bead: 5/32 gold brass
Tail: Brown duck flank fibers, hen hackle fibers, pheasant tail fibers, or whatever else you have laying around
Abdomen: Olive Micro Tubing
Thorax: Olive hare’s ear dubbing
Wing bud: Brown goose biot

I tied this one up to imitate the plentiful small BWO nymphs I have been seeing in my home waters. I think the micro tubing does a nice job of getting a segmented body.


Hook: #12-16
Bead: Gold brass
Thread: Olive */0 UNI
Tail: Two split brown goose biots
Abdomen: Olive Micro Tubing
Wingcase: Mottled brown turkey or hen quill slip
Thorax: Olive hare’s ear dubbing
Legs: Olive Micro Tubing

I have been playing around with micro tubing a lot lately. This nymph is basically a copper john with micro tubing instead of wire and some legs. I don’t have a name for this one yet. Any suggestions?

I haven’t had the chance to fish any of these flies yet, so tie some up and let me know how they do.

Have a happy and blessed Easter!

3-31…A New Fly Fisher

Today we took a friend down to the Driftless Area in search of some trout. It was his first time fly fishing. It was a little chilly, forty five degrees, when we arrived at the stream at 9:30. It definitely felt like March today, unlike two weeks ago when it was in the eighties. I took our friend David upstream while the rest of the guys stayed back and fished another hole. Fishing was slow for the first couple hours. David was casting and mending pretty well by the end of the morning, but the fish just wouldn’t cooperate, so we headed back. Same story for Braden, Noah and Dad. I was hoping for a BWO hatch once it warmed up, but it stayed right around forty five almost the whole day.

Me fighting a nice brown

However, some midges started hatching around noon, which got the fish active. David caught his first trout on a fly, a little brown that ate a copper john. It was such a cool feeling knowing that you put someone on their first trout! I tied on an ausable bomber followed by a hare and copper and a black beauty midge. Two small browns took the midge and a brown in the thirteen inch range came up and slammed the bomber. Braden had a few hits on a streamer, but couldn’t coax any to the net. The fishing slowed down after that, so we ate a quick lunch and headed to another spot. I fished this spot last fall and had some decent luck, so I was excited to explore more of it. Almost immediately David got into a nice brown right under the bridge.

David took this beautiful wild brown on a hare and copper

This creek was quite sandy, and it took a bit of walking in between pools, but it was worth it. The bluffs made for some picturesque pools and runs cutting through the valley. The fish had moved into the shallow riffles and indicator nymphing worked nicely. I caught four browns up to around eleven inches on a hare and copper. I was fishing downstream when I heard David yelling with excitement. I turned to see his rod doubled over with a nice brown on the other end. Fly fishing is so much fun. Only about three casts later his indicator dove again and he was into a good fish. It gave him a good fight on his four weight. This was definitely the fish of the day, around fifteen inches, not bad for your first day fly fishing:) As Noah said, “I think he will be doing this again.”

Fish of the day

Best flies for the day:  #14 hare and coppers, #20 black beauty and miracle midges.

David's first trout on a fly

David fishing a productive hole






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