How to Tie the Flash Bugger

The flash bugger is a killer fly for panfish, bass, and smaller pike. It is really easy to tie and extremely productive given the right conditions.
Hook: #12+
Thread: 6/0 any color
Bead: 1/8″ copper
Tail: 1 generous plume of marabou (any color)
Body: Eztaz (any color)

Step 1


1. Place the bead on the hook, and tie in your thread at the rear end of the hook shank.

Step 2

2. Measure the marabou about the size of the hook shank, and tie it in.

Step 3

3. Bring the thread back to the tail. Strip the fibers from one end of the Estaz and tie it in.

Step 4

4. Wrap it up to the bead and tie it off.

Step 5

5.Whip, clip, and there you have it. A killer fish catching Flash Bugger.

You can tie them in a variety of colors. My favorite colors are cotton candy(blue/pink), and watermelon(green/pink). They work best if you let them sink for a few seconds before you start stripping. Strip in short, brisk jerks. My favorite sequence is jerk-jerk-jerk-pause (repeat).

My favorite Flash Buggers

My favorite Flash Buggers

A nice bass I caught on a Flash Bugger

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