Deer Camp 2011

This year Braden and I got to go on our first deer hunt (thanks Scott!). Six minutes in the stand a small buck walked right in front of my stand. Just a few points off of an eight pointer (it was a button buck):) It took a while to track him since there was no snow, but it was worth it. Unfortunately, Braden had no such luck. He hunted for hours and didn’t even see a deer.

The cabin we were staying at was on the shores of a lake, and I didn’t fail to bring a rod. Since the hunting was a little slow, I fished for a while during lunch. Started with a zonker type fly in hopes of catching a bass or pike,┬ábut was surprised with a small perch that ate my 3″ fly. I switched to a perch fly and Braden and I landed half a dozen each in the half hour we fished.

Guess he was hungry... The fly's tail was as long as the body of the fly, which is visible in the picture.

Tight Lines,



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