Indian Summer

Fall colors

Since the weather was so nice, Grandpa joined us for a trip to a local lake. The bluegills were  a little slow, not willing to move much for a fly. Braden got a decent fish on a flash bugger after about twenty minutes. Soon after, I nabbed a 8″ perch, which is pretty good for a perch, on my chartruese mini DNA clouser. The bluegills really started biting after about an hour. The fish weren’t too excited about my clouser, so I switched to a little nymph and an indicator, which produced its share of bluegills. Braden continued to do well with a flash bugger, landing about a dozen fish. Grandpa didn’t get any until the very end, but when he did he pulled them in one after the other on a chili lime. Noah came after a while and caught some fish on a streamer. The fish weren’t big, but nonetheless fun to catch. A smaller pattern with a slim profile seemed to be the best fly today.  The fall colors really made it a great day on the water.

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