Day 4-Small Stream Trout

The river was starting to clear up this morning, but was far from my standards of fishable. After breakfast, the three of us hiked to the tributary we fished on Friday to try and find some fishable water. My hopes were high as we got to the banks of the creek. Crystal clear water! I breathed a sigh of relief. Having scouted the creek on Friday, we pushed past the first hole to reach another one where bigger brookies lived. I tied on a tiny bead-head hare’s ear followed by a #20 pheasant tail. Since we only brought one rod, I tried the hole first. After a few drifts, I got caught up in the brush and ended up spooking all the fish. A kind hiker told us of a really deep pool at the end of the trail, so we started hiking. The pool was deep and infested with logs. It looked like a perfect hideout for wary trout. I drifted my nymphs through the faster water in the pool and stopped the drift right before a log, making the flies swim to the surface. The indicator hesitated, and I raised the rod to find a pretty little brook trout on the other end. After the release, we decided to head back to the pool we had fished earlier. Noah grabbed the rod and started sight casting. He got a really good drift right next to a trout. Noah watched the fish inhale the fly and set the hook. Before I could net it, it spit the hook and returned to the bottom of the pool. That was all the time we had, so we returned to camp for some dinner. Dad, Noah, and I went back to the creek later, but we couldn’t get any fish in the short amount of time we had. The river was still too muddy to fish dries effectively. Today far exceeded my expectations of sitting in the tent tying flies.

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