Quarry Park Bassin’- 7-29-11…Day 2

The bass fishing was alive at Quarry Park on Friday morning. To make things even better, we got it all to ourselves.


After paying a small park fee we hit the trail. With a few bug bites, we arrived at the first quarry. Before the rest of us could even set our stuff down, Noah was already pulling in a 1 lb. bass, his first on a fly rod. This is the first fish Noah has caught on a fly he tied. It ate a bunny bugger, basically a rabbit strip tail and palmered rabbit strip body with bead chain eyes. I bushwacked to the other side of the quarry and pulled in a nice bass. It wasn’t huge, but it put up a great fight.Braden stayed in pretty much the same spot catching as many little bass as he wanted and taking tons of pictures……


After about two hours of fishing and a picnic lunch, we headed to the quarry we fished on our last trip. The hike was about a quarter mile, and we soon arrived. Noah picked up some small bass on a “Noah minnow”, and I got some on a brown flash bugger. Braden caught a few, too. It is lots of fun to sight fish to these bass, and occasionally you will see some rush from the other side of the quarry to devour your fly. After a few fish I decided to walk to the other side and try to catch that big bass I had seen last time I was here. The same scenario played out. I hooked a smaller one while fishing from a ten foot dike, and just as I pulled him out of the water, he popped off. A splash the size of a bowling ball erupted as this huge bass engulfed the little one. He was there, and he was hungry. I hollered to Braden to grab the 8 weight I had hauled along to chase this pig. I rigged with a 4″ Bunny Bug (Barry Reynolds) and 25 lb. shock tippet. I was ready. I crawled down the steep, boulder strewn bank, and waited. The bass was making circles around the edges of a deep hole with some timber and rock piles. I threw the fly to a spot where the bass had passed a few minutes before and let it sink. Sure enough, two minutes later he came to the spot I was at. My heart started pounding. When he was about three feet from the fly I picked it up and gave it two deliberate strips, and paused. He finned over, and stuck his nose to it for what seemed like eternity, and BANG, he sucked it in. It is amazing how quickly a 4″ fly can disappear in a large fish’s mouth. I was not in a great position to set the hook, but managed to get a firm hook up. I was stoked! The fish turned as soon as he felt the hook, and dove along a rock, making the reel scream like crazy. There was no stopping him, but he stopped me…. He pulled out line, dove quickly under a rock, and cut the line! I screamed in dismay. I was heartbroken. Man, that was a nice fish. He put up a great fight for the short time he was on. There was not going to be a second chance today, so I grabbed my other rod and made my way back to the others.


A five pounder lives in the back left corner

A nice park worker directed us to another quarry where he had seen some sunfish on his break, so we decided to pack up and head over there for the two hours we had left. This quarry was a little smaller than the other too, and had a steep rock slope on one side. A cable from a derrick that had once hauled granite stretched across the quarry. Noah immediately caught a decent sunfish, and so did Braden. Then Noah pulled in a bass just as Braden caught a nice sunfish for a double!


Grandpa also nailed a few fish…

Grandpa gets a nice one!

All of us caught a few more, mostly sunnies and small bass. Around four we packed up and made the short hike back to our car. An amazing day of fishing!

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