July 26-Small Stream Sunfish

There is a very small stream that runs through our backyard, and it holds a few green sunfish. Until today, we had thought it was pretty much fishless. I caught a very small bluegill out there a few years ago after sitting there for hours on end drowning worms. Anyway, we were doing a little bit of backyard camping when we spotted some fish that I quickly recognized as sunfish. I ran up to the house to grab the fly rod, which I rigged with 6X tippet and a #20 red midge larva thing. Basically a blood midge/brassie hybrid. Braden got the first shot at a fish…

First green sunfish!

As you can see, the stream is very small, two feet deep at the most. The fish are small, but very pretty. Green sunfish are like the brook trout of the sunfish world. They both inhabit small streams, display stunning colors, and like to eat flies. It was my turn next.

After I got one, Noah picked up the rod…

Braden hooked several more a ways downstream, and so did Noah. On Thursday we are going to the cabin, so stay tuned.

Tight lines,


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