Fisherman’s Playground

Two weeks ago we found an awesome county park with our grandpa. It had around two dozen water filled granite quarries, which are stocked with trout. We walked for half a mile down the trail to the second quarry. These quarries are small, two acres at best, and are surrounded by either ten foot ledges or piles of boulders. I crawled to the edge, trout style, and peered in. Man, the water was clear! I spotted a few small bass, but no trout.  Braden tied on a Super Bugger (bead head ice chennile woolly with rubber legs) while I goofed around with a few patterns. Before I knew it, Braden’s rod was doubled over and he was fast into the first fish, a small bass. I walked down to the other end and climbed down a narrow ravine. Soon, I had a little bass on a Super Bugger. As the little one struggled, a monster bass raced from the depths and tried to eat my 7″ bass! The thing was huge, maybe 5 pounds. This may not sound too big to some people, but considering the size of the pond, it was a big fish. I ended the day with two fish, both small bass. Braden pulled up 3, and grandpa caught two. All these quarries are very deep (125 ft max!) and many of them are stocked with trout. This place is awesome! Super Bugger recipe coming soon.

Braden stalking a bass

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